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Friday, May 16, 2014

Bootstrap scripts for SoftLayer: Chef, Eureka, Openstack Devstack, Tomcat

I've published sample scripts that can be used to bootstrap some popular software packages.  The samples are AS-IS open source (not supported by IBM).  

The samples out there right now are: Chef workstation, Chef Solo configuration (solo.rb, node and role files), Eureka (NetflixOSS), Devstack (OpenStack developers' distribution), and Apache Tomcat 7.  The Eureka and Tomcat bootstrap scripts also use Chef Solo, while the DevStack script is just a straight .sh script.

If you tweak the scripts a little to use your own information and provide pointers to them in SoftLayer's "provision script URL" field, your systems will be automatically configured for you when create them or re-image them.
https://github.com/amfred/softlayerbootstrap << See the README.md file for details.