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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is AgileFall?

AgileFall is a tongue-in-cheek term for a software development model where you are trying to be agile, but you keep falling into waterfall development habits. For example, a team practicing AgileFall may say:
  • We have sprints, but they are four or six weeks long.
  • We try to do most of the development at the beginning of the sprint and most of the testing at the end of the sprint.
  • We have a product backlog with priorities, but we start working on a release with a long list of features already committed to the business.
  • We know our product release dates several months in advance. There's a long list of target dates that must be met before the release date.
  • We test new features as they are developed in each sprint, but we also have a lonnnng system / globalization / translation / integration test cycle at the end of the release.
  • We sometimes spend too much time up front designing the software before we even start prototyping it.
  • We do our initial sizings in person-weeks, because we're not comfortable with story points and velocities yet.
  • When management asks us for a rough sizing, we might spend days working on that sizing effort, because we feel like we need to really understand the tasks involved before we "commit" to a sizing.
  • People get upset (or defensive) when stories are not completed in the sprint they were planned for.
  • We demo our software in development to customers, but only after we're happy with it. By the time we get around to having a demo, it might be too late to change much.

Is your team practicing AgileFall? In what ways?


  1. The last company I worked for fit this description PERFECTLY! I am not just talking a few of the bullet points, they literally met EVERY SINGLE BULLET POINT perfectly. We had to have worked at the same company... :) Great post!

  2. That's great! I knew we weren't the only ones!

  3. The current project which I am working fit into "AgileFall" perfectly. This is more of people mindset issue and so what is the best way/ practice to overcome such issues in an organization. Any Suggestions???


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